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Sunday, July 04, 2010


Today was pretty grand.... last night amber Crissy and Cinda were talking about going to music and the spoken word and they invited me.... it was the best thing I've done in a while... they're always
doing fun things together!... it was super amazing.... my favorite part i think was when we got to clap for them for like 5 minutes.... then they sang god be with you til we meet again.... it felt like they meant every word..... they did such a great job!! the spirit was really strong.... it meant more to me because one of the ladies i work with(Bonnie) sings in the choir... i love when she sings along at work... i really needed that experience and I'm grateful for it... after that we went to amber's singles ward in Lehi.... it was nice change.... Sunday school was about raising children the right way and them always being able to come guy compared children to a bullet... you aim it and shoot it and different things like the wind can affect it but it'll more or less hit where you aim it...RS and EQ was combined... the lesson was a reminder that there needs to be moderation in all things.... it made me realize how many addictive things there are today... its not just booze and ciggies... there's tons of different kinds of drugs and even the Internet can be addictive..... a girl that was addicted to WOW (world of war craft) talked to us... she's been "clean" for 3 months....

I wish i would of gotten to see some of these live.... one day i hope to go to mnt rushmore to see them there!!!


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