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Monday, May 24, 2010

stadium of fire... good memories....

I was just thinking back a little of the time we've sent here in Utah... and I remembered that we've been to stadium of fire at least twice... the first time dad surprised us in 2003 for the Martina McBride one... it was great!!! Mommy, Britt, and Me really had started to like her then... (we later became friends with a girl who's family was reunited with her brother who was in Iraq at the time... we love Emily tons and are so glad she's part of our lives...) The next one we went to was in 2007 and Brooks & Dunn came... it was an AWESOME concert... I didn't realize I knew so many songs by them... it means even more now because they're retiring after 20 years... they did a tribute to them last night on TV and it was so great!!! man... I love country... it makes me happy and brings back so many happy rodeo summers... Thanks to my Daddy.... He's a pretty cool guy... its so silly that I forget sometimes.... ;)


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