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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I think of you when ever life gets me down...

THANK GOODNESS for Music... I don't think I could make it through some of the ridiculous stuff thrown at me... A Find Frenzy and Paramore have become a big part of my life... there's a rather influential person in my life right now that isn't happy with me... she thinks I'm wasting my life... that I'm not doing anything produtive... thing is... its my life... and I'm the type of person that does things a little at a time... I spent too much time doing what they told me... letting them make my decisions for me... and now I'm 25 and I need to start doing what I want... I try not to be a burden but it doesn't work... I'm also very grateful for friends that make time to listen... sometimes they understand better than anyone can... even people that have been in your life for ever and think they know you... so here's to music, joy and good friends! Cheers!


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