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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

coconut chicken curry....

I'd like to thank the Malagasy people for their contribution to worldwide cuisine... last night brad made us curry and man was it good!! after dinner we went and helped him bring in the horses from the pasture... it was fun... I got to sport waders(big black rubbery boots) good thing cause man was it muddy from the rain and snow... Jared got a pic but my phone is having a hard time retrieving it... after that we watched Clue... Amanda and I had a good time earlier talking... and we had lunch at Costa Vida which ended up not being the best idea for me... I sucked on Tums most the night... I'm just grateful for these peeps... its nice to have a hang out group... although this weekend Amanda will be home in carbon county.... and Jarhead(as I affectionately call him) will be in topaz with his cousin and cousin's wife... man I wish I could go... I like hiking and crystals.... I think I just might ask him to find me one and bring it to me... boo for weekend shifts... :( even though I realy like my job! :)


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