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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

anti male movement...hahah

No i haven't completely relinquished my hope for male/female love or the hope that maybe either Josh Dumhal, Gerard Butler, Liam Neison, or Shia Lebouf (even look alikes)come to their senses and come find me... I've just decided to take a little break for the time being from male relations... recent forgivable but disappointing events have cause me to think that i need some time for serious reflection and mending... and also to figure myself out... trust really is a HUGE problem of mine... I've just never been able to feel like i can trust males... i feel like I'm always waiting for them to screw up because its what they seem to do best... and when they finally do i don't know why i feel so disappointed... especially since i just said i was expecting it... i just want to find one already that treats me how i deserve to be treated... that takes my side on everything... even if there' nothing romantic going on... I'm a person that requires a lot of patience... i know it sound to incredibly selfish... but its the truth...I guess I Just expect too much of people... I Cant help it though... most people fallow through... the only ones that haven't end up being really disappointing... On a happier Note... Guess Who's Going to Ingrid Michaelson on the 26th!! :D


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