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Thursday, December 16, 2010

i just have to say...

I Love Utah... honest to goodness... its a great place to live!! but its so hard to find single worth while guys...especially my age... most the ones i know or meet are single for a reason or by choice... maybe I'm just a silly little girl that believes love should be awesome, over whelming, great. along with all the other usual descriptions... sure i want stability but i also want excitement and spontaneity...Im starting to sincerely wonder if the type of man i seek even exists.... when i think i find him he it usually quite unavailable... maybe the saying is true... men are like parking spots... I trying to hold on the the glimmer of hope that its not the case... is it too much to ask for someone that completes me in ways i didnt know i needed completing... someone that values me as much as i value him... i want equality... is that too much to ask?


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